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After posting the above image to Facebook and Flickr I received some emails and comments asking how it was lit. So here goes…

We were in a major time crunch and I didn’t have time to get the strobes set up, so we lit this with just a speedlite through a brolly box. Ann (my beautiful wife who often 2nd shoots weddings with me) held the flash close to the couple to throw enough light on them to match the ambient light. Also, you get softer light the closer your flash is to your subject. I made several frames with different poses and then made a couple of  “dark” frames with Ann out of the shot. Then I just put the two exposures together in photoshop. To stitch two images together you must have your camera stabilized  My tripod was about 100 yards away and I didn’t want to waste time running back to get it, but fortunately there was a rail on the peer I was standing on and I just placed the camera on top of the railing and was very careful not to move it between exposures.


Simple light set up. Notice the groom has a different pose in this photo. Making multiple frames let me choose which poses and expressions I liked most and stitch together on perfect image.

The dark frame with Ann out of the shot and the flash turned off.

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